Wedding organizers must concentrate on the elegance and originality that characterize the ceremony to make this day a memorable event not only for the bride and groom but also for all their guests. The venue selection is one of the most important aspects that defines the event’s success: this is the reason why to choose the Italian Beauties.
From the large cities to art cities, from the lake landscapes to the romantic seasides, our Country is reach of venues that we’ll let you discover.
Here following some exemples:

Do you feel like a citizen of the world? Do you like adventure and voyages? Wedding is love can bring you to those world’s corners reserved to those who want to live a unique experience. Here following some magic destination where you can celebrate your wedding. We’ll help you with the management of all the wedding practices and the logistic aspects both for the travel and the ceremony. We’ll follow you until the end of the world, if needed. Now.. let you carried away by your dreams.

  • Villa Trivulzio

    In one of the most picturesque parks of the Brianza area, a few miles away from Milan, you find Villa Trivulzio, an architectural jewel in Omate. This historical building, originally conceived to delight its guests, keeps on offering memories and sensations that will last forever. The refinement of its environment and the accuracy of its details turns the place into a theatrical, unique and suggestive frame for every event.

  • Villa Trivulzio

    In one of the most picturesque parks of the Brianza area, a few miles away from Milan, you find Villa Trivulzio, an architectural jewel in Omate. This historical building, originally conceived to delight its guests, keeps on offering memories and sensations that will last forever. The refinement of its environment and the accuracy of its details turns the place into a theatrical, unique and suggestive frame for every event.

  • Castello Bevilacqua

    The Relais Castello Bevilacqua is an enchanted place. The perfect location for weddings, wedding receptions, ceremonies and banquets characterized by indisputable charm; it is unique and enchanting in every season of the year. The ancient majesty revives in the rooms, decorated with beautiful frescos, that can host up to 180 people; the elegance of bygone days is revealed in the stucco, in the period furniture and in the suspended garden, which is one of the most beautiful in Europe. A refined attention to detail that will give a fabulous atmosphere to your wedding reception. The last master touch is the one of our chefs, who will make unique every course of your banquet, customizing the menus in accordance with your taste.

  • La Lodovica Agriturismo

    The “Lodovica” is a polished Country Holding whose name comes from Mrs. Lodovica Gallarati Scotti, bride of Mr. Gian Carlo Borromeo. From an architectural point of view the Lodovica is situated into a green park of 11 hectares and represents the typical style of the farmstead from Lombardy, characterized by a rectangular shape with squared courtyard. Each of the two elegant and polish rooms, with round tables and tonné seats, can welcome until 200 people. Thanks to the park, all the cocktails can be set up outdoor.

  • Locanda Armonia

    The “Locanda Armonia is the perfect place to celebrate ceremonies and important anniversaries. The wide spaces inside, divided into two levels, can be customized according to the occasion and the guests’ requests. During the mild seasons, the exterior roofs and the gazebos positioned into the park, guarantee a more striking context to set up outdoors events and parties, especially during the summer, under a star-spangled sky. In winter, the external veranda characterized by wide panoramic glass-wall, becomes a unique place where to live the colors and the atmospheres of the coldest seasons.

  • Hotel Palazzo Parigi

    The new “Palazzo Parigi” is a 5 Star Luxury hotel in the heart of Milan, in Corso di Porta Nuova. The fully hand-decorated “Giardini” Room is 372 square meters large and is able to welcome at least 380 people. Its majestic glass-walls look out onto the wide roof of 80 square meters with a direct access to the centuries-old garden. For all these reasons, “Palazzo Parigi” is a unique venue in Milan. The hotel’s garden was part of the famous Cramer Palace, the old site on which “Palazzo Parigi” has been built recently. Today, it’s a unique venue for events thanks to its centuries-old trees and a wonderful fountain inspired to Italian tradition. The garden also confirms itself as the perfect space for the final moments of a meeting or to let a special event begin.

  • Hotel Palazzo Varignana

    Elegantemente incastonato in 20 ettari di parco, domina le colline di Varignana (Bologna) della villa storica risalente al 1705, allora chiamata villa Bentivoglio. Una piccola e incantevole chiesa consacrata all’interno della villa. La Villa dispone di due ristoranti, una spa ed è abita anche ad albergo.

  • Palazzo Visconti

    The Palazzo Visconti was built in the 17th century by Carlo Bolagnos, a Spanish nobleman. From the end of the 18th century the palace passed through various hands until, between the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century it was bought by Viscount di Grazzano and became the family residence. It is one of the most elegant examples of the Lombardy Barochetto style and the decoration in the rooms on the main floor is particularly interesting, in the style of the early eighteenth century with hints of the Rococo movement. The Palazzo Visconti offers five wonderful rooms where to celebrate a wedding day.

  • Masseria Camarda

    With its traditional “trulli” (cylindrical houses with conical roofs), the Masseria Camarda is surrounded by a funny nature which results are the rigorously biologic spinneret products that can be bought into the shop. Kissed by the sun or charmed by the moon, your guests could enjoy all the comforts. The venue has spacious stone-walled suites right in the middle of nature are surrounded by olive, almond, peach and cherry trees as well as Indian fig trees.

  • The Uoll Loft

    The “Uoll” is an exhibition space located in Florence. It’s a very particular venue where organizing a wedding reception. UOLL is a great area of more than 400 square meters already fully equipped with a large room only, other secondary rooms, kitchen, equipment, parking and all that is needed to organize a big event. In the past the building was a building that housed the State Railways, a rail came into the shed and was used to house the locomotives or rail cars that had to be repaired. Today the building has been completely renewed with a deep restoration that lets half-view on its history but in a modern way is proposed as current location, d’avant-garde and completely new and different from any other scenario that you can find in Florence. The Architecture is inspired by a New York style, the brick painted white, the great black beams, white leather sofaschester, everything brings back to the famous artists’ houses located in Soho.

  • Getting married in Sweden at the Ice Hotel

    Lapland is one of the most particular natural shows in the world and could be a perfect and fairy context for a unique and romantic “yes-day”. A really different wedding, intimate and “warm” into the magic lights of the Artic, immersed into the pure white of ice and snow. The hotel extends across 6.000 square meters and could welcome a hundred of guests. You can also organize safari on ice and wonderful excursions. Into the hotel the famous ICE Church is also available. The Church is totally ice-made and can accommodate from 35 to 45 people. The Ice Church only exists between December and April; after this period it returns to the river in spring. This is the best poetic and spiritual representation of our life’s evanescence.

  • Getting Married underwater in Thailand

    The region of Trang, into the South of Thailand on the Indian Ocean, is famous all over the world for a special event that every year occurs on Saint Valentine’s Day. The event is a collective ceremony that starts with the brides and grooms’ parade from the Town of Trang and carries on with modern motorboats or, for those who love nature, with beautiful local boats, accompanied with music and songs until Ko Kradan. At this point, brides and grooms plunge in and they exchange the rings in the presence of fishes.

  • Getting married in New York at Central Park

    The first thing to do is to select a scenographic place to be remembered for the rest of your life: imagine if you can celebrate your wedding under a romantic gazebo on a lake, in the middle of Central Park, surrounded only by the green of the trees, the birds’ twitter and the landscape of the New Yorker skyscrapers

  • Getting married in Morocco into a riad

    The word “Riad” originally meant the “garden”. Today the riads are ancient places transformed into hotels that are usually located into the heart of the city and have few rooms positioned around the central patio that generally hosts a garden or a court. If you love an Arabian Nights scenery, these riads are fairy places where let your lifetime dream come true and Morocco is the Country where calmness and charm can easy mix together.

  • Getting married in New Zeland: The Tekapo Lake and the Church of the Good Shepherd

    Would you like to get married in the other side of the world and find yourself into a unique place that reminds you to the human’s creation? There’s a place on our Earth that is still a pristine landscape , totally unblemished by civilization: the Tekapo lake in New Zeland. To celebrate a ceremony in this unusual landscape is extremely charming, considering that a State that is usually selected as a Honeymoon trip, could become your destination for the day you have always dreamt about, linked to a real unique place.


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