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    • Venue Selection

      To find a comfortable, wonderful and functional venue is the first step to a unique and amazing wedding reception. The reception place will give a significant mark to the party and needs to be chosen according to the newlywed’s style

    • Venue Selection

      To find a comfortable, wonderful and functional venue is the first step to a unique and amazing wedding reception. The reception place will give a significant mark to the party and needs to be chosen according to the newlywed’s style

    • Wedding cake

      The wedding cakes have different styles and designs: you can choose between a multi-layer cake, a single-layer cake or a cake composed of mini-cupcakes that can create a multi-layer cake or a composition-cake.

    • Invitation

      Attention to the choice of paper, typeface, printing and final packaging are all elements that can get emotions and feelings to those who receive the invitation, anticipating the ceremony and party atmosphere.

    • Outfitting

      If you have a limited number of guests, we can set up different solution for a unique table: imperial table, oval-shaped table (Ambassador), Royal Table, T-shaped table, U-shaped table or horseshoe-shaped table. If you have a large number of guests, we can set different tables with different shapes. They can be round table or rectangular table, composed by 6 or 8 seats.

    • Flower Design/Bouquet

      Flowers are important to create the right atmosphere: easy flower arrangements or sumptuous outfitting are the characterizing features for a wedding. The most important accessorize for a bride gown is the bouquet, that must match with the dress, with the color and the style.

    • Bridal gown

      The style of the bridal gown must reflect the personality of the bride and it’s very important to choose it according to the type and the venue of the ceremony

    • Groom suits

      The groom can dress a classic outfit, a twin-set or a three pieces suit. The tight is the common suit for the ceremony, with a close –fitting line. It can be used for the wedding celebrated before 6 PM. The half-tight suit, can be dressed when the bridal gown is not rigorous and the ceremony is not formal. The tailcoat couldn’t be dressed before 6 PM.

    • Wedding veil

      The wedding veil is the main accessorize: could be “American Style” or “aviary style”, “triangular style”, “long style”, “Cathedral Style”, “Fall style”, “Shawl Style” or “Short Style”

    • Party Favors and sugared almond

      The traditional package is composed of a piece of tulle that could be total white or aligned with the color of the ceremony. It’s custom to offer 5 sugared almonds that represent those essential qualities that won’t never be missed into the newlywed’s future life: health, richness, happiness, life and fertility

    • Hairstyle

      If the bridal gown is basic, the hairstyle could be embellished. On the contrary, if the gown is enriched with details, the hairstyle should be sober. For the wedding day a unique precaution must exist: less hurriedness and more attention to details.

    • Car rental

      There are three categories of cars: vintage car and coaches, minimal car and luxury car. To choose the perfect car, three aspects must be considered: the wedding style, the bridal gown and the selected venue. It’s very important that the car doesn’t clash with the context.

    • Photographer and Videomaker

      The photographer is the “reporter” of your wedding day and realizes the reportage of the wedding. The best photographers are discrete and are able to capture both the bride and the groom and the guests in a natural way.

    • Wedding rings

      The first Christians started using gold because they identified with this precious metal the symbol of eternity. You can choose between the classic wedding rings, the French rings, the Valance rings and the crossed rings.

    • Make-up

      The perfect make up for a wedding must be time-tested and photogenic. The make-up is generally created after studied the face and the personality of the bride. The make-up style could change according the celebration’s time.

    • Catering/Banqueting

      The wedding banqueting is fundamental for an excellent wedding success. The menu must be studied ad hoc and, above all, must be plentiful but balanced

    • Music

      During the Catholic Celebration, according to the sacredness of the place, the classic music is the most fitful one. During the reception, the music style will be selected according to the character of the wedding. For an informal ceremony, the music style could be modern.

    • Personal shopper/Bridal Stylist

      The bridal stylist is an appearence consultant specialized into ceremony’s dresses. She goes along the bride with the choice of the perfect look for her big day. She offers a consultant service not only to the bride but also to the groom, the parents and the bridesmaids.

    • Papers management

      Papers management is a service that could be helpful both for foreign newlywed and for Italian newlywed who want to get married abroad. This service simplify the fulfilment of all those practices requested for civil and religious weddings.


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